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At Minksters we make snuggly, cuddly, high quality Minky products that come in three product lines. (Blankets, Pillowcases, and Pet Bed Covers). Girl Minky Coats and Footsies have been included to our line of products.

Our Blanket Collection offers five styles. Our Pillowcase Collection offers four styles, and our Pet Collection currently offers one style. 

Minky Blanket Styles

Patchwork Minky Blankets are made of a variety of square-shaped materials sewn together to create a blanket.

Strip Minky Blankets are made from a variety of elongated rectangular shaped strips of material that are sewn together to create a blanket. Our Strip style blankets may have 5 or 7 strips depending on materials and patterns.

Signature Minky Blankets are a great way to experience multiple fabrics. These copyright protected designs are a combination of Patches and Strips. The materials may be sewn in a horizontal, a vertical, or diagonal direction.

Luxe on Luxe Mink Blankets either have a single Minky fabric on one side with a different Minky fabric on the other, or they may have the same fabric on both sides. 

Bordered Luxe on Luxe Minky Blankets are Luxe materials bordered by one or more additional materials. Borders may encompass the entire blanket or the borders may only adorn the blanket horizontally (across the bottom and top) of the blanket.

Blanket Collection

Our Blanket Collection includes five styles of blanks in various sizes.

  • Style 1 - Patchwork
  • Style 2 - Strips
  • Style 3 - Signature
  • Style 4 - Luxe on Luxe
  • Style 5 - Bordered Luxe

There are many sizes available for each style. All sizes are approximate.

Snuggle Size: Approximately 19" x 19"
Receiver Size: Approximately 36" x 36" 
Lap Size: Approximately 35" x 52"
Long Lap Size: Approximately 36" x 58"
Throw Size: Approximately 60" x 71"
Large Throw: Approximately 60" x 82"

We also offer larger custom blankets that will fit:

Twin/Full Beds - Approximately 66" x 90"
Queen Beds - Approximately 90" x 100"
King Beds - Approximately 100" x 108"

Email us at for questions about availability and pricing.

Pillowcase Collection

Our pillowcase collection is available in three styles and four sizes.

  • Style 1 - Patchwork
  • Style 2 - Strips
  • Style 3 - Signature
  • Style 4 - Luxe on Luxe

Sizes for each style include:

Decorative: Approximately 20" x 20"
Standard Size: Approximately 20" x 26"
Queen Size: Approximately 20" x 30"
King Size: Approximately 20" x 36"

Pet Collection

In our Pet Collection, we offer pet bed covers with zipper ends. While we do not sell inserts for our pet product, each item has a zipper end so that you may put a cushion or insert inside for your pet. Our Pet Collection comes in one style and four sizes.

Style 1: Luxe on Luxe

Small: Approximately 12" x 12"
Medium: Approximately 24" x 24"
Large: Approximately 36" x 36"
Extra Large: Approximately 46" x 46

(Sizes are approximate and patterns may vary.)