Our Story | Minksters

The Beginning of Minksters - Tracie's Story

First MinkyIt all started when my parents got me this cute little Minky blanket for Christmas. It was made with several different strips of material in my favorite colors and it also had a patterned material with adorable little owls on it. Those who know me well, know how much I love owls. Anyhow, this blanket was the softest blanket I ever felt. I absolutely loved it! I took it with me everywhere. I traveled with it and slept with it every night. I even started noticing that I was sleeping so much better than I ever had before.
This prompted me to look for another Minky blanket in a little bit bigger size.  

Second Minky

My second of many Minky blankets was this one. It was another strip blanket in similar colors but with different fabrics than what my first blanket had in it, and it was in a much bigger size. After getting the second blanket, it was all over for me. I was completely hooked. My addiction began and I wanted to see and feel ALL the Minky fabrics.

I truly love Minky. I want to share the wonderfulness of it with the world and if I can help someone snuggle in and sleep a little better each night, I would certainly love to do that too.

Then There Were Three - Sarah & Whitney's Story

Before our cousin Tracie introduced us to Minkies, we had never even heard of them before. As it turns out, we have a family full of Minky experts! As lovers of all things soft and cozy, we couldn’t believe that we hadn’t come across them before. The quality of the fabric speaks for itself after multiple washes which don’t result in a loss of softness, unlike so many other blankets. After experiencing how awesome our first Minkies were (and still are), it wasn’t long until we set out to become experts ourselves.

And Minksters Was Born.......

We consider ourselves Master Snuggle Makers who are looking to match Minkies with Minky Lovers (aka "Minksters"). So come join us! We are always looking to convert new Minksters.

All of our products are HAND-MADE with high-quality Minky fabric and lots of love by talented in-house designers and experienced seamstresses in Omaha, Nebraska. We hope you will check out our website, visit us on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube), watch our LIVE videos, and watch for our pop-ups. We certainly appreciate your business and your support.